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Sku Style Decktray Deluxe Set

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Sku Style Decktray Deluxe Set
128,00 CHF


It's just the beginning, A year in the making, sculpted by hand without the aid of 3D software or computers,
Sku Style is proud to bring to your attention their virgin offering, 'The Decktray'.
In homage to it's real life counterpart, this is sure to become a future classic.
Sculpted by UK artist Terry Griffiths, the attention to detail of Sku Style artworks has to be seen to be believed.

The Decktray Deluxe Package consists of two Decktrays and a PSB-1 Mixer box.

Decktray Dimensions: L 15.5cm x W 12cm x H 5.5cm

PSB-1 Mixer Dimensions: L 9.5cm x W 8.5cm x H 3.2cm

Finish: White + Stainless Steel

for more Info check: http://www.skustyle.co.uk