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Kuartz ‎– A Little Samurai Soul Volumes 3 & 4 (2LP)

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Kuartz ‎– A Little Samurai Soul Volumes 3 & 4 (2LP)
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2xLP - UK - PC - 2019 - Not On Label - sealed

Limited to 140 copies !!!

A1 Shoguns Revenge
A2 Geisha Eyes
A3 Shrine
A4 Samurai In Love
A5 Warriors Path
A6 Kunai Clan
A7 Snowy Peaks

B1 Swift Blade
B2 Shurikens From The Heart
B3 Bamboo In The Moonlight
B4 Duel In The Rain
B5 Death Is Not The End
B6 Souls In The Mist
B7 Ronins Lament

C1 Last Shadow
C2 Little Cherry Blossom
C3 Dragon Kimono
C4 Shinto
C5 Kyoto Spring
C6 Tenchu
C7 Onna-bugeisha

D1 Before The End
D2 Red Armour
D3 Emperors Betrayal
D4 Iga Village
D5 The Samurai That Stayed
D6 Blood In The Snow
D7 The Last Shinobi