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K Def pres. Willie Boo Boo "The Fool" (LP)

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K Def pres. Willie Boo Boo "The Fool" (LP)
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LP - US - PC - 2006 - Ghetto Man Beats - sealed

A1 Intro
A2 Doing It
A3 Under The Moon
A4 Yeah Def
A5 Skit (Buy This)
A6 Everybody Wanna Be
A7 Ike Replay
A8 Axel Replay
A9 Porter Attack
A10 Galt Is Loose
A11 The Godfather
A12 Skit Lude
A13 Have A Clue
A14 Fat Al And Def

B1 The Sanfrancisco Maniac
B2 Horn Experience
B3 Farewell Jack
B4 Skit Niggaz
B5 The Witch
B6 I'm The King
B7 Oohhh We Man
B8 Must Be The Vibes
B9 Action Theme
B10 Short Eyed Replay
B11 The Outro